Number One Services - Software and Training Package

Dear compatriot!

      Greetings to you, as emphasized, are the essential prerequisites for running in any election, having at least two special abilities. First, that the candidate has the knowledge, courage and ability to be present in the country's legislature, and second, that he or she is familiar with the latest techniques and ideas in demographic and geographical analysis of constituencies, methods of communication and persuasion of voters. . So, with the aim of gaining respectable future candidates and their campaign managers with the knowledge and tools needed to start a campaign and manage their advertising campaigns, our institute has been designing software and providing a training package to enable those interested in accessing that knowledge. Be. The purpose of this software design is to help improve productivity and efficiency of campaign activities. At the time of the election, due to the sheer volume of current work, the headquarters staff was virtually eliminated. The task of the software is to obtain specialized and technical information and data related to the constituencies and candidates from the user, and after analyzing, analyzing, classifying and processing them, and providing practical and strategic solutions to the staff. In this software, the user first has to divide the electoral districts into 30 districts and determine the areas in terms of population, number of households, general literacy level, general economic level, etc. :

     Determines the most appropriate way of advertising in each area for the staff involved.
     After receiving ads that have been covered, it lists the non-working areas and provides the user with a list that can be printed.
    Depending on the length of time left until Election Day, you will be given specialized and strategic advice.
    Data analysis determines your candidate's success rate with 5% error.

Step-by-Step Planning Tutorial for Election Success Practically and scientifically how to properly start the campaign and move on to the next step to succeed, including doing the research necessary to prepare for the campaign - Definition Making a strategic goal that is the amount of votes needed to win an election - Analyzing, segmenting and selecting the target group's voters - Defining an electoral message - Developing a voter outreach program - Properly executing the program with practical, scientific, and exam methods Become acquainted.

The price for these services is 560,000 Tomans, which is 40% discounted to 340,000 Tomans with customized mail to your address. To get these services, please follow these steps:

    Depositing 340 thousand USD into National Bank Card at:

 6037-6011-9917-6037 Ali Khodadadi

    Send exact postal address (postal code is required) to telegram 5409 888 0912
    Send the deposit slip to the same telegram number

Remember, Election Day is a harvest day, not a day, so the longer you prepare for the Election Day, the better you can provide the software and use it when needed. The best time to get this service is one year before the election starts.

Contact 5409 888 0912 for more information.